Have an internal server that serves our LAN (only 6 users)
Our www site is on the internet (not on our server).
I have a few pages for internal use that answer to an address
with the same domainname

that is;

www.xxx.com (our ISP hosted site)
one.xxx.com (internal page 1)
two.xxx.com (internal page 2)

How should this be setup on the internal DNS server - how does the
server know it's an prefix that should go outside?

Now I have all traffic that should go outside erroring with
"cannot find..."

I know I could make a record point to a specific IP , BUT what if the
ISP moves the www site to another server?

Is there another way?



Southern Finland
Linux Newbe - very new !
SLES10sp1 + OES2 + GW 7.x