went from nw60sp3 bm 3.7 to nw65sp1.1 bm3.8 w/sp2a also secupd5 and
nmsrv234. VPN and Radius both ceased to work (vpn issue posted in that

Radius console shows Access request dropped, unknown radius client.

Found a similar thread from jan in this forum, suggested the two post
nmsrv234 patch might resolve. No help. Tried to run the radius
debuglog but radius refreshcache from that thread did not produce any
debug\log files.

Also found a TID that suggested the client isn't listed in our DAS
object but it is. Found one other that suggested the DAS lost rights to
the LPO but I can't even find an LPO in the tree anywhere...would the
same bug that removes rights be prone to removing the entire object?

Any help would be much obliged. W/O VPN or Radius uses have no remote
access. There are torches coming my way....