Using 10.1 and facing a strange behaviour :
When I restore my image to a worksation using an Intel RAID 1 configuration
I get "NTLDR not found" on reboot but,

If I "break the mirror" (unplug one of the disks) I can boot, I tried with
both disk and I can boot with the two disks.

I tried also to restore to a PC configured with a single disk, everything's

My feeling is that it is related with the ZIS information because when I
check the physical view in img (img d) it displays both disk and not a RAID
and the partion size of both disk differ slightly. My idea is that the image
restore is working well and written to mirrored RAID but the ZIS data are
written only to one of the disks and that kind of corrupt the RAID.
Another clue is that it happened also when I restored an image with a few
files over a fresh installed WinXP...

Did anybody face the same issue ?