2 x W2K3 64bit ZCM 10.1 servers in zone

I would like to deploy MSis to users who are locked down by AD GPOs and do not have local administrative privilieges.

I thought I'd try out the "Elevate User To Administrator" option but when selected, the attached dialog appears on users machines and it is not entirely clear what it is asking for...

(MSI->Actions\Install\More Options\Run as Normal (logged in User)\Eleveate User To Administrator)

Can you advise if this is normal, and if so what it is asking for?

BTW the local administrator account has been renamed and that password fails when entered

In most cases I can work around this by using MSI->Actions\Install\More Options\Run as secure system user (Don't allow system to interact with desktop)

The MSI->Actions\Install\More Options\Run as dynamic administrator fails to complete installation : ZenWndowsDaemon.exe (running as DAU######-####) will never die. No errors in event logs or in ZMD-Messages.log

Test workstation only has IE6 - is this a problem?

Thanks in advance,