I've got a Proliant DL360 G3 server which I'd like to upgrade to having a
dual layer DVD burner. I bought this slimline DVD-RW drive for it, HP P/N
383975-B21, and tried it out. Even though the specs don't list DL burn
capabilities and there's no DL on the logo on the front it seemed to work
but extremely slowly. It took around an hour today to burn a 7GB disc.
In a different machine with a Samsung IDE DL burner it takes about 1/3 of
that time. I'm wondering if this is because the drive wasn't really
designed to burn DL media.

In my searching I haven't found a specific DL slimline burner, but I've
found DL multibay burners. The slimline drive sure looks an awful lot
like a multibay burner. Does anyone know if slimline and multibay drives
are really the same thing? Can I use a multibay drive in my Proliant?
Any chance it would burn at the 4X-6X speed I get on my Samsung drive?

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