Authorities: Leave these parts of Texas now or face certain death.

Reporter: I'm staying here to report what's happening, the powers gone
out here, the winds are ferocious, the waves are terrifying, the power
is out - but the refinery over there, the lights are still shining - I
guess they are on a different grid, or they have emergency power
generators ......

Ya think ??? A huge multi million $ a day profit generator might have
emergency power facilities, while you're sitting in a blacked out hotel
hoping like hell that the storm doesn't wash you away .......

I'm sorry, but reporters that flock to events like hurricanes are all
potential Darwin Candidates, and bad influences - I hope none are
injured, but putting themselves in harms way like that makes others
think it is a safe thing to do - CNN is reporting 40% of the population
of Galveston is staying there for the hurricane, hey The CNN reporters
do ok, so will we.

24,000 people riding out the hurricane ? WTF? Might the 2008 Galveston
Hurricane have a higher death toll than the 6,000+ killed in 1900 ? 108
years later, early detection, specific warnings, but hey - If I choose
to stay despite all these warnings, I can call 911 and people I don't
know will be willing to risk their lives to save mine ......

So is it just me me - or do other people want to scream at these people
for their stupidity ?