I usually upgrade out Novell drives every 2 years or so as a preventive measure. The price point for the new drives made 750G SATA drives seem like the choice to buy. However, my DOS boot floppy chokes on boot. Presumably DOS 6.22 is too old to see a SATA drive. I have a few WIN98 boots discs that donít work either.

I can boot to a floppy made from an XP workstation, but that floppy doesnít have a format command. The format file in c:\windows\system32 wonít run in DOS mode.

I was able to make a FAT32 partition using Partition Magic and format the partition, but it wonít boot. I usually format the DOS partitions with a format c:/s command, but with no bootable disc Iím stuck.

The only think I can think of from here is to pull the drive from my backup server and put it into an XP workstation, then run an image backup of the DOS partition, then restore it.

Is there an easier way to do this?