I am currently having load of problems with our BM 3.7 server with BMSP3
with the stateful filters. Whilst downloading large files the connection
just gets reset all the time. I have posted in the proxy section of the
forums also:


I want to change the default filter added by BRDCFG 'allow http proxy' to
non stateful.

It is currently:

Src Int : Public

Dest Int : All Interfaces

Packet Type : www-http-st

Src IP Addr : XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX (Public IP address)

Dest IP Addr : Any Address

Please could you advise me that if I changed this filter to non stateful,
what is the return filter I have to open back up to allow HTTP proxy to
continue working?? I know I need to do the same for HTTPS as well.

Thanks again,