The above message is what I get when I try to add or change my access
rules. At first the existing access rules were working, but after doing a
full unattended DSREPAIR, then it acts like all access rules are gone
because everything is blocked. I had to uncheck "enforce access rules" in
the BM setup to temporarily allow internet access. I have since found out
that 1 of my 2 servers is out of time sync. The BM server is in time sync
but the other server that is our mail and web server is out of sync,
according to dsrepair. Is time sync my problem or do I need to go thru the
lengthy process described in TID10074727 ? If timesync is my problem then
how do I get it back in sync?
The servers are both 5.1 sp7 and the BM server is version 3.5 sp3 (I know
it needs updated)