What's the difference between a fresh Netware 6.5 SP7 installation (installed from the SP7 overlay disc) and a Netware 6.5 SP6 installation patched to NW 6.5 SP7? (I understand that one difference is that the SP7 overlay method will install eDirectory 8.8 but as it pertains to the problem I'm about to describe, it may or may not be relevant.)

Here's my situation:

I'm trying to install Netware 6.5 on new hardware with the intention of using it primarily as a BorderManager 3.9 proxy cache server. Because I'm going to install the BorderManager proxy, I need to be able to configure some traditional (non-NSS) partitions and volumes.

The server I'm using has an LSI 8308ELP SAS RAID controller and Netware seems to work perfectly (with my three-drive RAID 5 array configuration with a fourth drive acting as a hot spare.) Netware discovers and correctly loads the MEGA_SAS.HAM driver for this particular controller.

My problem arises when I try to create some Netware traditional file system (TFS) volumes...

Using Netware Remote Manager, I get erratic results creating these volumes -- it often lets me create and mount one volume but in most cases it can't mount a second volume. Other times, I can't even mount the first TFS volume. I've tried various combinations of partition sizes, multiple partitions, etc. and things simply don't work in a reliable fashion and I can never seem to get two (or more) TFS cache volumes. If I change the hardware configuration of the drives and configure it for a single-drive (non-RAID) configuration, I'm able to install Netware using the SP6 overlay and I'm able to mount the TFS volumes. Obviously, this solution (non-RAID) isn't going to work for me.

One interesting thing I found during my various tests -- which leads me to my main question -- is that if I install Netware from scratch using a 6.5 SP7 overlay disc, I don't have any trouble creating and mounting these TFS volumes with the RAID 5 configuration. If I install Netware from scratch using a 6.5 SP6 overlay disc, I can't create these volumes before or after I apply the SP7 patch no matter what I try.

Can anyone explain why two installations -- a fresh NW6.5 SP7 one or a fresh NW6.5 SP6 one that's been patched to SP7 -- might act differently as it pertains to my ability to create and mount these traditional volumes?

(In case you're wondering why I don't just use the SP7 overlay as my solution, I'm trying to avoid this as my "plan A" so I don't have to upgrade many other servers to eDirectory 8.8 since 8.7 has been solid for me...)

Thanks in advance for the help everyone!