I am trying to use the migration wizard to migrate a very small 6.5 server with GroupWise 7 from old IDE based hardware to a box with more RAM and SCSI disks. As much as anything I'm wanting to use the wizard to gain experience.
I cannot get past the 'Error opening connection to SMDR' with a more specific 'SMSConnOpen Xfb - Network error: Parameters invalid' error which I've not been able to find in any TID.
Both Servers are NW6.5 SP7; both have IP and IPX; each can see and log in to the other if I load SBCON; they have the same IPX network address (but different IPX Internal Network Numbers = ServerID); I've loaded TSFAS.NLM /cluster; loaded SMDR new; updated the SYS:ETC/hosts files on each to specify the other server. I've also changed the Client PC preference to use IPX. I think I've tried every solution that I've seen discussed, but cannot get past this point. What could the SMSConnOpen Xfb etc error be trying to tell me?