And the winner is Patrick, with a very close 2nd of Robert.

The winner will get a TOS communicator key chain. It makes the
applicable moise when opened.

I was going to go to 10 questions but Q9 had NO answers emailed to me.

The answers for the last 2 of 3 questions:

Recreational facilities - Bowling alley

Names used in the show:
James T Kirk
Montgomery Scott
Leonard McCoy
Sulu (first name came AFTER the show ended)
Ohura (first name came AFTER the show ended)
Pavlov Checkov
Christine Chapel
Janice Rand (only there in season 1, but was a regular that year)

Ships destroyed:
USS valiant
USS Constellation (only counted once though the case for twice was made)
USS Intrepid
USS Exeter
USS Defiant

Uss Beagle - Not counted as it did not happen during the episode

Dr McCoy's handheld medical scanners were the "futuristic salt shakers"

Finally the halting speach of Shatner was first noticed by the director
at the start of the 2nd season.

Timothy Leerhoff
"4 wheels move the body, 2 wheels move the soul!"

"There is nothing worse than aggressive stupidity."
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe