I have a strange problem which only seems to manifest itself in the virtual

I have several windows 2003 servers on which I've installed the Novell
client 4.91 sp4. When making an RDP connection to the server it can take up
to 90 seconds for the server screen to appear.

If the RDP application is closed without logging out and an immediate
reconnect is made, the connection is immediate. If, however, a connection is
tried ten minutes or more later the reconnection can take up to 90 mins
again. This is becoming frustrating. It appears that if I remove the novell
client the problem goes away.

I have disabled the screen saver so the console is not locking itself. In
the novell client the protocol resolution is being done via slp and dns,
both of which are set correctly.

Once connected the speed of the virtual machine is fine. The problem is also
found if using the console from within the virtual infrastructure client.

I have moved a machine to it's own host and the problem still persists, so I
don't believe it is a resource issue.

I saw a possible workaround that mentions IE7 but it is not installed on
these machines.

Any thoughts?