I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this request. I am trying to multicast a linux distribution but am having some problems with the imaging process. I only need this to work for a course that we are running for 40 machines - I don't want to install and customise 40 different machines as it took around 8 hours to set up one machine, but I don't mind going around and running one or two commands to "fix" the machines if they are not working i.e. installing grub.

Multi cast works fine but when I boot a client station up I get a GRUB prompt (I am assuming that the multi cast system is not transferring the master boot record - so I have installed Grub from a live cd and it boots correctly).

The next problem is a bit of a mind boggler for me . . . When a normal user logs in the system reports a GDM authorisation error and logs the user back out. Root can log in fine but regular users can't. Usually this problem is caused by there not being enough space on the home partition to write the authorisation lock file, but this is not the case. It could be a security permission error? But then when I log in as root I can read and write to the /home partition and it can see it (there is also 78% free space.

I would appreciate any help or suggestions :)