I posted this in the Proxy forum with not much luck, so I'll try here:

I am having problems with allowing access to FTP & NNTP News Groups (such as
one) using BM 3.8sp1. I have verified that it is the BM server that is not
allowing access, if I bypass it works fine. What are the settings I need to
make to keep BM from blocking NNTP? I have already opened the Ports 119&144
by creating an Access Rule in NWAdmin but it does not give the expected
result. If I configure my Firewall for an exception to allow outbound
connections to
the internet DIRECTLY from a computer (not requiring it to be from BM) NNTP
work fine. As soon as I configure the computer to use the Proxy it quits
working. I can duplicate this scenario all day. The firewall is allowing
FTP & NNTP traffic, BM is not. As a policy, all computers must go through BM
access the internet, and the user must be logged into the network- I'm using
client trust and an access rule on the firewall to enforce the policy. I am
almost certain there are access rules or configuration to be done to BM to
this type of traffic out. I am already using Craig's proxy.cfg. Thanks,

Richard G.