I have been trying to hunt down a memory leak on one of our servers for the past few weeks. The leak is with TSAFS.NLM and shows as allocated memory that increases every night when the backup is run and is never returned. We are using Networker (EMC) for backup software. The timing of when the memory leak first started, coincides with when we started using Centera (EMC) on this server. We have not noticed this problem on any other server, but we have not activated Centera on any other server either.

I was wondering if anyone else has noticed any similar problems with the interaction between NetWare's TSA, Backup software, and Centera.

As a work around, unloading and reloading TSAFS.NLM returns the memory and I can do this during the day, but I would like to figure this out.

This server is a file server running a traditional file system. We are running NetWare version 6.5 support pack 7. The TSA has been updated to the latest version (TSA5UP22).

I appreciate any info anyone might have. My next step would be to open an incident with Novell and EMC, if I can't figure this out in the next few days.

Mario Garzia