I'm hoping someone can help me out with this.

We were told our DMZ is giong to be locked down in a more secure fashion and we were asked for a list containing what internal servers need to connect to the NW v6.5 sp7 GroupWise WebAccess servers in our DMZ and using what port numbers and vice versa. It's straight forward for the GroupWise side of things however I'm not sure if the WebAccess servers need to connect only to the time servers they're configured for and our DSMasters or if they need to connect to all our internal NetWare servers, whether they're a DSMaster, contain any replicas or no replicas at all. The WebAccess servers in our DMZ do not have any replicas.

We're running NCS and I'm also not sure if the WebAccess servers in our DMZ need to be able to connect to just the physical servers in our internal network or if the ACL in the firewall should be configured to allow connections to the addresses of the NCS virtual servers as well.

Thanks to anyone that can help.