I'm looking at replacing that hunk of junk known as Symantec Antivirus
Corporate Edition 10. I just took a quick look at some of the McAfee stuff
and also at Kaspersky but neither of them work the way I want them to
work. I'll admit Symantec does do one thing right. From my management
console I can create SAV servers, which I have done: two NetWare servers.
Then when users log into those SAV servers and execute the login script,
the client software installs. It's fairly simple.

With both Kaspersky and McAfee, it appears I have to define groups/systems
based on either Windows domains or workgroups. We have no domain here. I
have a couple of workgroups but they're in different sites across a WAN so
that won't really work, either. I'm looking for something that does
deployment similar to what Symantec does. The solution also needs to have
support for NetWare & OES2. That's one reason why I'm not looking into
Symantec Endpoint Protection: no NetWare, and Linux/OES2 is practically
non-existent (only as a client and not a server, lack of realtime
protection whenever you update the kernel, etc).

Is there anything out there that meets my requirements?

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