A while ago (16/8) I posted to ask why users appeared to be bypassing BM
when trying to get to FTP sites, using a browser and the FTP proxy.

Craig suggested trying his PROXY.CFG file, which I have only now had an
opportunity to do and, I'm afraid to say, I still don't get asked to
authenticate to BM when I amend IE to not use the folder view for FTP. In
fact, all I get is a "page cannot be displayed" message, even though I an
get to the site if I take BM out of the equation and just use our firewall.

For testing purposes, I'm not enforcing access rules and not using the
Client Trust. If I try to get to other external sites, I do get asked to
authenticate through BM, so it is only FTP that isn't working.

Because this is a user thing, we are pretty much forced to use IE (our
browser of choice) rather than any other FTP client.

Any further ideas out there that people think might help?