OESNW65_sp7 plus post-sp7 updates as per the wiki. This is a 4-node
cluster, NetStorage is installed and clustered on two of the nodes,
the secondary IP Address for Netstorage being added by the load script
for the NetStorage clsutered service.

Our users (school) would struggle with remembering an IP address for
the URL, so DNS holds an A record pointing to the secondary IPaddress
used by the clustered NS resource. Ergo, the URL for Netstorage is
"http://netstorage.ourdomain.net/oneNet/netstorage" and this works
just fine using http. The resource can fail back and forth between
servers, users can access the resource and upload/download without
issues, so all is working well.

However, we want access to NS to be via https. Hitting the resource
via https produces a certificate warning, which we've had users just
ignoring or accepting for now (it's complaining about the name
mismatch between the URL and the cert being used by the server). But
the warning in FF3 is dire enough that users have cut back on NS usage
so we need to fix the SSL issue. I have tried to find a way, both in
documentation and in the forums, to generate a cert for
netstorage.ourdomain.net or xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx and set Apache to use it,
but have not been able to piece it together yet. Any suggestions for
how to do this on clustered netstorage?