we are using Vista Business SP1 German, ZCM 10.1, Novellclient 1.0
Update 6 at our university. It randomly happens that the user is able to
login to Vista, the Desktop is ready and the Login Script is not yet
run. Then a window pops up and shows a message (I'll try to translate it
to english):
FHBI (Thats our treename)
You are still logged in as user USERNAME
Would you try to login to

The context displayed in the window is wrong. If i click on "Yes" the
"classic" Novell Login Screen is displayed. I have to change the context
or type in the username again for using LDAP contextless login and then
the Login script is processed and all is working as expected. Can
anybody give me a hint where to start searching? I wouldn't try to use
the SP1beta-Client in our prductive environment.

Kind regards,