We are having the problem where the Application Explorer goes offline. I
have been trying to create a scheduled task using SetNalStateW to force
it online every 5 minutes. However, all of the teachers have laptops
that they bring home and SetNalStateW pops up a "D106" error if there is
no active network. So if the wireless network is off and there is no
cable in the wired connection, they get this popup every 5 minutes. So
two options:

1) Keep SetNalStateW from generating the popup window, even in this

2) Only run SetNalStateW if there is at least one active network

From my view, option 2 should be easier. I can create a cmd file that
parses the output of "ipconfig" to only run if there is at least one
adapter with an IP address. But doing this causes a DOS box to pop up
everytime it is run. Even if I set it to run minimized, it would still
show up in the TaskBar.

So, I figure I need to make a Windows script to check for network
connectivity and then run SetNalStateW, since this wouldn't need to
create any interface. However, this is a bit out of my realm of coding.

Anybody have any ideas?

Timothy M. Musa
Community Consolidated School District 93
Carol Stream, IL