So, here's my issue. I wanted to put a file on my iPhone just to have
"access" to it. I made it a PDF first, and emailed it to myself. On the
iPhone I can see the PDF, but I see no way to save the file to the phone for
reading later. I tried this in the email app. So, then I went into
WebAccess to check my email and tried to save the file to the iPhone that
way - still no luck.

Hmmm - so I have the "eReader" for the iPhone, that actually works with the
Palm books I've purchased for the Palm eReader app as well. I also have an
app called "Drop book" that allows me to convert files to ebooks. So, I
turned this PDF into an ebook. I can download it to the eReader app IF I
put it out on my webserver and accessing it that way, but this is a real
pain. I could leave it in email, but since I only keep 30 days of email on
the phone, eventually it would disappear.

How do other iPhone users deal with getting "documents" to the iPhone for
later use?