Hi All... Here's the scoop:

domain1.com is on Netware 6.5.7 (8.8SP2)
domain2.com is on an AD

All users are using DNS servers from NetWare (domain1.com)

What I would like to have happen is when someone attempts to go to foo.domain2.com that it will forward to the AD server for resolution.

What I have done is inside the DNS server on Netware, I went to the FORWARDING LIST and added the two AD DNS servers for domain2.com. I made sure I unloaded named.nlm. Made sure the client is pointing to the right NDS DNS server, etc. BUT, when I ping something on domain2.com it goes to the public address (prolly from the root servers).

My question is this, what am I doing wrong... From the help files I should simply put in the forwarding list and it should check NDS first, then no luck, go to AD (domain2.com) and then, blah, out to root servers.

I must be missing something really stupid here, so any help would be greatly appericated. Thanks!