Hi there,

I`m thinking about a design for a customer . There are about 2500 workstations. They have Zfd 7.01 atm.. Total amount of MSI is about 400 Gb.. The customer want to put all the msi`s in to the Database . Where estimating about 700~800 concurrent client requests..

Here are my thoughts

3 to 4 ZCM primary servers . Dual core 3Mhz, 4Gb .. SLES 10 64 bit

For the database . An 2x Windows 2003 R2 64 bit Ent. In Failover clustermode & MS SQL 2005 ent. 64 bit. 2x Dual or Quad , 4 Gb

I also have an loadbalancing questing.. Do the client connections get evenly divided over the ZCM primery servers or doe i have to use DNS Roundrobbing???

Any suggestions are welcome..

Kind regards