Hi Forum,

We have a very strange problem of synching some users into the GMS.GW is 7.0.1 and its clustered on Netware.GMS is 2.0.3(i tried 2.0.4) on windows 2003.now onto the real problem the both servers are in the same lan so no port blocking or the firewall.antivirus disabled on the windows box.

Some newly created users with less emails get synched without any problem.i can see there contacts there emails and all..bt the problem is with old users having lots of emails.i tried restricting the sync to check for emails not older then 3 days.whenever this troublesome user tries to login i get this error on the sync status web page...

09/17 15:27:25.546 PreLoad/Inbox/Push JAVA_CLASS:manager.ServerTrans 54016ms
"PreLoader 27916813" priority=5 id=1243 TIMED_WAITING
java.lang.Thread.sleep(Native Method)
manager.LockableManagerObject.lockAndRetry(Lockabl eManagerObject.java:430)
manager.ServerTranslatorFolderHandler.translatorIn it(ServerTranslatorFolderHandler.java:1001)
manager.ServerTranslatorFolderHandler.sync(ServerT ranslatorFolderHandler.java:584)
manager.ServerTranslatorFolderHandler.preLoadData( ServerTranslatorFolderHandler.java:176)
manager.FolderHandler.doPreLoadData(FolderHandler. java:291)
manager.FolderHandler.preLoadData(FolderHandler.ja va:182)
manager.FolderHandler.preLoadData(FolderHandler.ja va:141)
manager.FolderHandlers.preLoadData(FolderHandlers. java:123)
manager.PreLoader$PreLoadRequest.run(PreLoader.jav a:114
and for the same user when i check the log PIM_user i get this msg
GroupWise: Timeout - device folder is in use. Please try again later

i also ran a gwcheck Analyze/fix on tht particular user with no luck. enabled the verbose logging on Poa and checked when the user logs didnt helped me much..have gone through most of the threads on this forum ...
so any pointers?
thanks for any help