I have never gotten a reply for this problem but I will try here again. If anyone knows a better place please let me know. The problems I am having are having a really bad effect on our Netware network.

About a week before the semester started I reinstalled our Netware server. At the start of the semester everything seemed to be working well. But small problems would appear and were fixed. But now there is a problem that seems to be affecting the whole server. At this point in the semester I cannot simply reinstall the server.

When I try to use the public_html folder it works fine. One of our instructors can use their PUBLIC_HTML folder, but no other user can use their public_html folder. I have set this up before, It has been difficult at times but I always got it to work. My user object is located at the root where our server is located.( myobject.bci_labs.bci_Tree) The other users are in containers off the root. (jdoe.StudentFa.bci_labs.bci_tree, mrDoe.Instructors.bci_labs). But Internet explorer always saya that the object could not be found.

Another problem is that when we try to print. I setup our servers and clients to print using iPrinter. Everything seemed to work well. Until, I was told that they did not want the users in the openLab context to print to our departmental printers. (jdoe.openLab.bci_labs) When in iPrint manager I set the “Secure" check box to on in the "Manage Print Manager" section. and load reload Print Manager with "ndpsm /ENFORCEUSERACL". Works fine for me. I enter a password and can print. When the faculty mentoned above, whose Public_Html folder works, logs in and prints his works. Everyone else fails.

At one point Only I could use the Public_Html folder. After giving up about three weeks ago on finding a solution to my problem. I did not workd on it since. But then I was told to to restrict the printer access. In trying to set it up and writing this post I tried the accound that did not work with the Public_Html and guess what it now works but no one else. And he is the only other person that can print, other than myself, with secure printing enabled.

Could these problems be related?

Please Help!!!