I'm am trying to install ZCM10.1. It is a clean install onto a Win2003x64 server. No other apps running. I want to create the Database in our SQL2005 cluster on separate box. When I go as far as creating the Database it is failing to connect to the server. I've tried the setup.exe -c on the SQL box and I am getting the same issue:

"We are unable to establish a connection to the specified server. Please ensure that the connection information is correct and that the proper permissions have been granted to the specified user"

I am not specifying a SQL instance (I get a different error

Ths SQL credentials are correct as I've tested an ODBC connection on the new ZCM server. I installed SQL Native client onto the Box also. I cannot understand the log files as they don't seem to point to anything particular as the problem.

I really want to install ASAP as MS SMS is also looming. We have ZFD 7 and Assetmgt 7.5 but I just want one installation and I'm hoping that ZCM will do this.