So this is nice. I downloaded: ZLM72_Server_with_IR2.iso and tried running zlm-install after mounting the iso as loop and I get this message:

"This is not a supported ZENworks server distribution.
You may run with the --agent-only option if you would like to install the ZENworks agent."

Which is odd since this is a OES2 box. I am running SLES10 sp1 with all the latest patches. I went online and made sure everything was up to speed and I don't have any patches to apply from the online repos, so it should be good. This server runs zenworks 7 already so I can't see why zlm server will not install....

Any ideas? I did some hacking on the python install scripts and it seems that it is not detecting the OS properly, but I am not 100% on what it is looking for. Looks like it does some uname stuff.