I have rules in place that deny certain users from accessing Web sites except for explicit rules that allow them to visit specific sites.

When these users try to run the QuickBooks update from within their QuickBooks application on their PC, BM blocks them, as intended.

Now I need to open the firewall to allow all users to be able to run the QuickBooks update. QuickBooks tech supt tells me that I have to open the firewall to allow 2 of their executable program files (I think QBAGENT.EXE and QBW32.EXE) thru. Their tech doc gives examples for two other firewall types. But I don't see anything in BM where I can specify a file name in a rule.

QuickBooks tech supt won't give me their URL or the IP address of their update sites so that I can write an allow rule. They just tell me to open port 80 for their two executable.

Does anyone have any idea how I can accomplish this task of allowing an EXE program thru for all users? Or suggest a workaround?

As a side note, this seems very dangerous to allow an EXE pgm thru since Snideley Whiplash can then simply give his rogue program the same name to accomplish his dastardly deeds.

My platform is BM38-SP1 on NW60-SP3.

Thanks for the assist.