I'm setting up a NSBS 6.5 SP2 network.
I'm working inside out. File Server, Printing, GroupWise, GW WebAccess
everything is working.
The supposed BM server worked only as a NAT machine for the outside world.
So I could contact the Internet, etc.
Filters were loaded and everything fine.

Then the BM3.8 part.
I started BM3.8 and created some access rules and could never contact the

Only if I make an access rule which allows all traffic running from any to
any I can browse the Internet.
As soon as I make an access rule which checks for an NDS object (user) it
won't pass the traffic.
A protocol analyze only shows the http request to the private IP of the BM
server and the next statement is the '403 forbidden' from this address.
So it is in the BM server.

I don't do a HTTP authentication, and the browser is set to proxy port
8080. As simple as can be.

Am I missing here something?
I've done several versions of BM installations. From 3.0 till 3.7, but this
is the first 3.8.
I installed the NSBS 6.5 SP2 from the downloaded SP2 ISO's, and BM 3.8
updated to SP2.
Craig Johnson's site refers to some problem with IPFLT31 after some time.
But this issue doesn't act like that.
I also thought that the PC -running XP SP2- troubled the CLNTRUST.
But without the CLNTRUST, straightforward to the proxy port 8080, no pass thru.

Any help will be much appreciated,

Jan de Vries