Here's what I ran into: I have installed an OES2 server in ESX3.5 which ran beautifully. I installed eDirectory in /var/nds/data/dib because we partition at /var/nds. Then I ran an online update. During the restart of the server ndsd said that /var/nda/data/dib was missing, so edirectory would not come up. After going through the config again in Yast eDirectory could not find a replica at the IP I specified (but there was one ofcourse). Then I decided to uninstall eDirectory alltogether (uninstall, clean up the server OU and remove configfiles in /opt/novell/eDirectory/conf), but during reinstall I now get the message that "nds failed to configure and start eDirectory". In the details screen it says: "n4u_send_command failed with error code=-1" and I should check the ndsd log file. All the info I get from there is that NCPserver is being shutdown and that "DSDeregisterSignalHandler succeeded for signal 63"