Hi all.

I'm getting lots of errors from CSAUDIT on one of my BorderManager
servers, and don't know why. They look like the following:

10-27-2004 1:18:48 pm: CSAUDIT-3.05-2400FD [Audit]
Cannot complete the "open" operation, code = 0X20055. Make sure
correct options are specified when loading Btrieve.

I tried with the following tids without any success:

Error "Cannot complete the open operation, code = " - TID10055141 (last
modified 13JUN2003)

Cannot complete "open" operation code=0x20014 - TID2933297 (last modified

O/S is Netware 6 SP5, BorderManager 3.7 SP3, and this box is also running
ZFD 4 SP1b and GroupWise 6.5 SP1b Multi Webaccess.

Any hints will be more than appreciated.