In just the few months that we've been working with OES2 we've been
bitten by two bad patches - one related to libzypp that messed with the
update process itself and also a recent Java update that apparently
disabled NSS management.

It seems that new patches labeled by YOU as "security" or "recommended"
appear every few days. While I normally like to install security
patches immediately, Novell's inability or unwillingness to completely
screen updates released for OES2 has made me nervous.

Are there accepted best practices for determining when to install new
patches? Do you install all new patches immediately, or do you wait a
while to see if problems arise? Is there a way to know the date on
which a patch was released (I can't find it in YOU)? Is there some sort
of community e-mail list to warn sysadmins about bad patches? Thanks
for any feedback.

- Jim Wagner