I've never actually restored an image to a computer that had more than
one hard drive in it. In the future I'll know to disconnect those other
drives. (you have to read my whine to find out why)

The other day I updated the bios on my machine. I reboot.. I get a
windows logo and then a black screen with the hard drive flashing..
Reboot's galore no work. Well it was time for me to reimage anyway as I
had a stack of misc issues I'd been meaning to get to. So I grab a
spare hard drive and throw it in as the first drive and move the others
to sata ports 2 and 3. I reimage, log in great it works. I reboot..
BOOM black screen. WTH? So I reboot last known good config. System
comes up. Add's it's new hardware and what not. Reboot. Black screen.

Ok this is just odd, I used that image on the same platform the day
before and it was fine. So whatever.. get out an XP cd. Install
Windows again. Log in, great. Next reboot? Black screen.

Sigh. Swap hard drives, swap ram, swap video card. Nothing.

It was my firewire card.

Ok so here's the deal.

When you reimage and pull down an image from a system that has a single
drive, and you have more than one drive in yours, Zen kindly nukes the
partition tables on all of your other drives. Nice.

Maybe working as designed, don't know.. In the future I'll know better.
I'm not in the process of recovery my data from those drives. Not
hard just time consuming. Sigh.