I only have one node in a cluster built so far, and when I reboot it, all the
cluster resources come up, but 2 volumes don't actually mount. They are both in
the same Pool, the pool gets activated, and the cluster resource says running,
but the volumes aren't active or mounted.

upon investigation, the device is not shareable for clustering (which I thought
I did when I created the partitions/pools/volumes, but I guess not). When I try
to enable the device for cluster sharing, I get a 20896 Cluster sharing

Any ideas on how I can make this sharable for clustering (for when I get the
other node up) or at least make sure they activate when the resource loads?

here's the load script:

.. /opt/novell/ncs/lib/ncsfuncs
exit_on_error nss /poolact=USERS
exit_on_error ncpcon mount STAFF=252
exit_on_error ncpcon mount STUDENTS=251
exit_on_error add_secondary_ipaddress
exit_on_error ncpcon bind --ncpservername=CLUSTER_USERS_SERVER
exit 0