Ok - I gotta just finally post here for this issue I'm having.

I'd rather be a little vague on how I have eveyrthing configured, but ask
away. I don't want to sell anyone on how I have things configured.

Quick Rundown:

[1] At any rate, whenever I'm looking to constantly run a registry key
during login and have it update...it doesn't. Yet, if I were to
"verify" it, it'll then run again and force the registry key changes that
I have requested to happen during the force run process during login.

[2] All force run registry changes are set to user accounts and not

[3] I can choose any of the "distribute always" settings (1, the other,
both [options or registry settings]) and it makes no difference.

[4] If I up the version, it works every time - the application will
install again

[5] Caching is enabled, but even if I delete the cache, it won't re-
distribute the settings. It'll add the hidden folder back, but it won't
process the settings.

[6] Running the latest ZENworks server pieces and workstation pieces
(they match) with Netware Client 4.91 SP4 with a few post-patches.

Fast example: I'm looking to have Rogue Process Management push out the
processes that I want terminated...and that works great. But when I
login as an admin, the reg key doesn't get deleted (thereby killing the
functionality of RPM for admins) unless I verify the force run'ned
registry changes. Essentially, activate it for students and de-activate
it for admins.

Let me know if you guys need any further details.