We are in the middle of the process to replace our BM3.7SP5 (NW6SP5) server with the actual BM Server (BM 3.9SP1, NW6.5SP7).

We did not migrate or update anything but install and configure it form scratch.
But we took the same configuration (Proxy Services, Access Rules) as before.
We use it only as proxy server from inside out and to limit access to the internet for specific groups.

Now so far things are working as expected, except one thing --> HTTP Proxy Authentication.

If I have no CNL Trust loaded I would like to authenticate via HTTP.
Now I get the Login Screen, but when I enter username and password, i get the error "Login Failed, Please try again".

It did work with the old BM server and I have it configured the same way:

Enable HTTP Proxy Authentication
Single Sign On
SSL Listening Port: 444
Key ID: SSL CertificateIP
Authenticate Only when user attempts to access restricted page

Any ideas what could be wrong?

Best regards