I'm seeing the following problem on OES2 Linux and Netware servers in (so far) 3 different environments. A user will have rights to several directories assigned via a single group object. At some point the user loses rights to one of the directories but not to the others. If we then check the "security equals" attribute on the user, the entry for the group is no longer there. We add the group again and the rights appear. A few days later the rights disappear again and we have to reassign the security equals attribute. I suspect this may be an eDirectory problem or something to do with NSS, but since it is present on both LX and NW I'm not sure where to place the question. On NW I have done DSrepair with a check of the trustees, no problems detected. I have used nss tools to rebuild the trustee lists on the NSS volumes, still no help. If this really is an eDir problem then I'll post it there, but I did not want to make multiple posts. Has anyone exlse seen this problem? Thanks for any helpful suggestions