On a BM36-Server the daily ACLCHECK sometimes has 5 min of
continous coming error messages "Get IP addr failed for
hostname: ..." until finally reading the rules and calming
down again. It takes around the same time with the same
messages when changing one of the rules via nwadmin. I have
had this right from the beginning, but due to at time very
rapid changes neccessary nearly daily this now gets a

26.11.2004 8.32.51 : ACLCHECK-3.60-13

Get IP addr failed for hostname: mycases.veritas.com.

26.11.2004 8.33.56 : ACLCHECK-3.60-9

ACLCHECK.NLM is reading rules from NDS...

26.11.2004 8.33.56 : ACLCHECK-3.60-1

ACLCHECK.NLM read 6 rules from NDS.

Does anybody have an idea, what exactly is happening here?