Windows 2003 with latest SP and patches.
ZCM 10.1 upgraded from 10.3.2 with SQL script patch.
MS SQL 2005 on seperate server.

When we are inside of ZCC if we try and click on any policy (i.e iprint,DLU,GPO) or a workstation object, it can take up to 20 minutes to acess the details page. Sometimes it will just time out. I then thought to look at the SQL database to see what was going on. After looking at the database properties it states that the database size is 43337.38MB and that there is .83MB available. Is this why the access is so slow to respond? If so how do I fix it? If I remember correctly ZCM did not ask anything about database size on install like ZFD did. Is ZCM supposed to regulate its database size dynamically? And if it should why would it allow the database to get so close to being out of space? Also the drive that the database is on has 150GB free so there is plenty of room server wise. Thanks in advance.