Hi all,

I have set up app reporting as per the information located here.
However, when I launch a test NAL object, nothing is logged.
Can anyone help?

Here is my scenario just to confirm the stup:

:Created DB on a server.
- Standard ODBC with all the usual username and passwords.
- Setup the parameters with the correct IP of the server.
- Set trustee rights as documented for zendb etc etc.

:Created a SLP in another contianer.
- Enabled DB.
- Added the DN to the App Management.
- Associated the SLP with both my workstation and user container.

:Created test App Object (opens notepad).
- Set reporting on (DB).

:Installed ODBC driver.
- tested connection, all ok.
- right clicked app db, and selected reporting
- - ran report to ensure connection was ok (returned a page with headings but no data since db is empty).

So then I log in as the test user on the test w/s and run the test app object.
I then run the report again, and there is still no data.
Runnning XP SP3.

Would appreciate if anyone has any suggestions!