nw 6.5sp6, zen 7.0.1 w/ir3a, all wk's xp sp2.

DLU setup w/no restrictions, not volatile.

I thought I had this figured out but apparently not. We have the 2nd login box re-appearing with no apparent trigger. No consistency.

A user can login to a workstation, not get the 2nd login, work happily for several weeks, then suddenly, 2nd login. And it won't go away. Occasionally a uninst/reinst of the zfd agent will fix it, but it might only be temporary.

Most often a user who has never been to a particular pc will get the 2nd login, then on reboot won't. And for the most won't get it again (we have had some who have gotten it but the majority of "new" profiles have not).

I'm at a loss as to what to try next. Any thoughts?