I'm almost embarassed because I have read SO much documentation on the many many ways to accomplish this and STILL can't get this to work. I work at a school. Everyone except for admin can run installs. Students cannot access C drive at all. I modified the login bitmap and wallpaper and am just simply trying to copy the 2 graphics to C:\WINDOWS and then, also from within my batch file, grabbing the exported registry keys and importing them over the workstation. Of course, my batch file runs exactly like I want it to IF I log in. I've tried creating Zenapps using this batch file, modifying student user policy and adding an item under WindowsXP as a scheduled event that calls the batch file using mapped drive that is established in login script and setting the Impersonation as System. I've tried using RunAs in my script and encountered the password prompt ordeal so I tried one of the alternatives there. I'm just at a loss because it's not just this but with a couple other Zenapps, I've just not been able to work around the workstation restrictions. I just started really working deep with the server side of Zenworks a couple months ago. I'm just at a complete loss at this point as to how to successfully distribute and run my apps (and in this case, registry changes) to these workstations with the restrictions that they currently have. Thanks a bunch.