I have an iFolder ? for you in reference to your website . I originally posted in the
iFolder forum but I was redirected here. The only reason I am trying to
contact you is because I came across your website for iFolder tips and it
is the most detailed and helpful iFolder info I could find. Any
direction you can provide is appreciated. THANK YOU!!

I came across your iFolder Tips page, while trying to research iFolder
information. The problems we are experiencing are: the trayapp.exe
sometimes crashing, and login/password failures.

Also do you have experiences with restoring iFolder accounts? I found
some information in regards to iFolder restores, but I am unable to find
information in regards to the iFolder server file structure and the
significance of the local dir, C:\Program Files\Novell\iFolder\%userid%

My question is your tips apply to iFolder 1.0? Do your tips also apply
to iFolder client 2.13? Our server is NW 6.5 SP2.

Any information is appreciated.