Workstation: Windows XP-SP2; Novell Client 4.9; using Client Trust Key for
BorderManager control

I have several users that require unrestricted access.
An access rule based on the NDS user object allowing "Any" access by
TCP&UDP is in place. The rule works for all users, except one.
When logging in from his workstation he gets blocked from restricted sites
as well as cannot use web based utilities that manage internal IPX based
printers. Adding the IP Address of the workstation to the unrestricted
list solves the internet access issue but not the internal IPX issue.
The user can log in on other workstations with out any restriction issues
and if an unrestricted user logs in on the his machine that user becomes
restricted as well. That being known the issue is not with the NDS user
object or with the Access list it is in the way that workstation is
communicating on the network.
I have uninstalled the Client, including removing the registry entries and
re-installed with no luck.