I run a small office and Iíve been running NetWare for a long time. Iíve always mirrored two hard drives and had very good reliability. I understand that there is a risk of the drive controller failing, and losing both drives, but so far that has not been an issue. I donít really want to go to a fancy RAID controller.

I normally replace the drives every two years or so, then move one of the old drives into a backup server, and throw that in a closet somewhere for safekeeping. I backup the data routinely, and can (normally) get my data running on the backup server with a minimal of effort. I havenít needed to, but I have done tests occasionally.

When we upgraded to NetWare 6.5 two years ago, it was quite a pain to get the server installed. I thought I was being proactive by buying 3 sets of the main hardware for the server - namely 3 motherboards, 3 CPUs and 3 sets of ram. I figured one for the main server, one for the backup, and one to keep on the shelf just in case. I had the backup server running fine - or so I thought. When I pulled it out recently during the drive upgrade, it wouldnít boot an old server drive. I figured something happened with an improper shutdown or something, but the latest server hard drives wonít boot in the backup server either. I tried the 3 motherboard and have the same deal.

The boot problem happens right before loading the stage 3 NLMs. The message is about a critical error and that the server might not work right. Then it eventually hangs at one of the stage 3 NLMs.

I can take that same drive and boot it up in the main server. It doesnít make much sense to me, unless NetWare 6.5 is somehow doing this to me intentionally for some licencing nonsense. The only piece of hardware that is different in the backup server is the video card, but this seems unlikely to be the problem.

Any suggestions on how to get one of my backup drive to boot in the backup server?