Deploying the ZEN10.1 Adaptive Agent as a NAL object via ZfD7 Agent.
Deployment of the ZEN10.1 Agent exe-file happens from another server than the ZCM server itself.

The ZEN10.1 Adaptive Agent installs ok, but appears "blank" on the node thereafter,
no ZCM server or ZCM zone are registered, and hence no ZEN login appears after boot,
and no policies or bundles are applied.
Seems as since the deployment of the installation happens from another server than the
ZCM server itself, the Adaptive agent has no clue about which zone and server to regsiter with.

Are there any parameters I can use for the ZfD7 NAL object
(the PreAgentPkg_AgentComplete.exe) to make this deployment complete,
including the settings for the ZCM server and zone?

Trying manually to edit poperties for the ZEN10.1 agent via Control Panel after deployment
(adding the primary server address), simply fails, with an error message stating:

"The zone connection information is incorrect. Ensure that the server address is specified
in the correct format (for example,
and the username and password are correct)"

I've verified the correct input, but it seems as this cannot be done at all,
regardless of address, regardless of profile (even as administrator on the XP workstation).
The dialog simply will accept any input.

Performing a Discovery Task on the ZCM server does find the already deployed nodes,
states "Importing... Finished", but no nodes appear in the Workstation folder...

If I deploy directly via a deployment task from the ZCM server itself,
everything works ok.

Ideas as how to use ZfD7 for deployment?

- Erik