I am trying to get accurate graphing of Disk space decrease over time on a NW 6.5 SP6 server. There is a 300 GB volume that has about 250 GB in use. Also the server has been only built from scratch in the last year. Nevertheless, when I run a Volume Inventory report in NRM, I get erroneous data. For instance, the 'Available space trend graph' starts in 2005 (according to the info righ under the 'Available space trend graph' title), well before this server was created, and the X access has as the starting point 3:00 AM today!

So I assume the problem is that there is corruption in the historical data that NRM uses to build the space trend graph. I need to delete that so it starts fresh. What are the files that determine this?

I know that there are Volume Inventory.html & .xml in the root of the volume but that appears to just be the results of the last inventory scan. There must be other files that hold the historical trend data. What are they and what is the proper way to reset them?