Operating System: Novell OES2 - SLES 10 SP1

Samba is configured as NT4-style PDC following document found in cool solutions.

Randomly namcd service results dead and LUM users cannot authenticate. When the defect occurs a core dump file is created in root directory and in /var/log/messages appears the following message:

Sep 5 05:45:01 hostname /usr/sbin/namcd[1678]: *** glibc detected *** /usr/sbin/namcd: double free or corruption (fasttop): 0xb4310a38 ***

Reloading namcd the defect disappears.

I have noticed that the defect occurs always when fetchmail is working, it's scheduled for run every 5 minutes.

I have found on cool solution a script to workaround this problem, but sometimes authentication is denied for all users, also for root, and namcd is running. In this case reboot is needed.
When this defect occurs, in /var/log/messages appears these records:

Sep 21 06:15:01 hostname ps: nds_nss_read_reply: AF_UNIX read() - no data
Sep 21 06:15:09 hostname smbd[12357]: nds_nss_read_reply: AF_UNIX read() - no data

System information
Kernel version:
LUM version: novell-lum-
glibc version: glibc-2.4-31.43.6
fetchmail version: fetchmail-6.3.2-15.12

Someone else has these problems?
There are relations between fetchmail and namcd?